Top 5 Domain Name Tools for Finding the Best Domain Names: Find Reliable Doman Quickly and Easly

Top 5 Domain Name Tools for Finding the Best Domain Names: Find Reliable Doman Quickly and Easly

SSL introduction

Firstly we need to get the basic information about the SSL and what it does. SSL is a shorter name for Secure Sockets Layer, and its only duty is to keep the connection between you and the website or between two or more systems – secured!

Simplified prevents third, and unknown persons and systems from reading the personal and sensitive information shared, such as private names, dates of births, credit card information, and other data that you don’t want to share with everybody. It is invented 25 years ago, and to this day, it has been upgraded through various versions like the original SSL and the upgrades, then TLS, which stands for Transport Layer Security, and its upgrades, respectively. The TLS is currently used security protocol.

Nowadays, when online shopping has reached its peak, and everything can be bought online, it is important to know whom and what we are sending our money to. How to recognize which websites are secured with SSL protocol? Simple, if the website has a padlock icon in the address bar and the HTTPS protocol next to the id, you are good to go.

Website owners need to gain a digital SSL certificate that proves the connection is secure and encrypted. Third parties mostly issue these certificates, and it confirms the website’s security, the connection between the website and server is secured, and verifies the identity of a website.

Every organization that gains any kind of sensitive information through its website needs to have this certificate. By sensitive information, we mean logins and passwords, all kinds of financial details, personal pieces of information, legal documents, etc.

The best way to have all the information mentioned above is to have some kind of software. But don’t worry, we covered it for you – WP Force SSL is one of the safest and most user-friendly software you can have to track the core of your website and its security. Feel free to check it and secure your website now!

Every website on the internet has its own identity in various forms. Thus said, domain names represent one of the most sensitive pieces of webpage identification with what the users can easily remember your site and access. We are all aware that nowadays is not easy to find the best possible domain name that will suit you, but that job is at least relieved with different kinds of software for choosing the domain name.

In the following lines, we will present you with some of the most valuable tools when it comes to picking domain names.

1. Bust a Name

Bust a Name

Bust A Name is an online tool for finding a perfect domain name. It offers a lot of filters you can check/uncheck for the best results. You just add information about what do you do and what kind of domain you look for.

You add the keywords to the ‘Word Combiner’ text box, and it will automatically sort them in the box called ‘List of Words.’ The more you describe your business, the easier and more precise the results will be. When it comes to filtering, you can choose whether you want strictly one domain extension like ‘.com,’ ‘.net.’, ‘.org,’ etc. After finding the best solution, you can buy the specific domain by simply clicking the Buy button on the right side.

2. NameStation


NameStation name generators are going to find the best domain for you in just a few clicks! After you enter the keywords, the software will find the best results for you, and you can even hold a contest for other creative people to recommend you a domain name.

NameStation provides you with search guidance, keyword suggestion, and name variations. It offers various filtering, keyword research in 31 languages, availability checks, and more.

3. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is an online search engine for finding the best and available domain names for you. What it does is based on your keywords and phrases it searches and displays the best results which are available for registration.

You can sort the results by popularity, length, and by alphabetical order. Whether you would like to find a domain name that starts with your first keyword or ends it with it, you can set it up in the Search Term Filter section, which offers you sorting the names by All (listing the items by general), starts with the search term, ends with the search term.

4. Brand Name Generator

Brand Name Generator

This tool will make your life easier when it comes to struggling with the domain name pick. It can offer you domain names for business in general, your product, or a blog. You simply enter the keywords like in the tools we mentioned above, hit Generate, and voilà. You can use the filters to have even more precise results.

With the filters, you can ask the tool to search exclusively one specific domain (.com, .net, .org, etc.), place keywords in the middle, in the beginning, or at the end, and set the length of the name!

5. Domain Hole

Domain Hole

With the Domain Hole, you can search for over ten million expired, dropped, and domains soon to be expired! It offers different sorts of filtering to help you find the best result, saving the results for later.

The search for the domains starts when the keywords are entered in the textbox. You can filter the results by the domains that Google indexes Dmoz listed. You can exclude the results containing numbers, exclude hyphens and hide domain from the adult sites.

Domain Hole offers you to specify the domain price range, its age, number of characters, TLDs (.com, .org., .biz, etc.), and so on. The free version will perfectly do the job, but if you have higher and more sophisticated needs, then you can see the paid versions (Premium and Premium Plus versions).

Final words

Besides the right hosting, finding the optimal and yet recognizable name for your precious website isn’t an easy task. It is all about branding, recognition, and impression.

It is hard to think about the name by ourselves with all of that. Luckily, tools and software make our lives easier with this problem. Please take a look at the tools we wrote about in recent lines and choose the name that will establish your website in the global virtual market.

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