5 Tips How To Promote Your Blog With Quora: Using Knowledge for Growth

5 Tips How To Promote Your Blog With Quora: Using Knowledge for Growth

You have probably spotted notifications from the Quora service in your inbox, but you’re not sure what they mean?

Quora is a fantastic online platform for asking and answering questions. It is a website that allows users to ask questions and receive answers from a vast knowledge base. Quora is attempting to harness contemporary social media to promote questions and encourage replies, even though it is far from the first knowledge repository on the Internet. Facebook Questions has already attempted to answer your questions by using your so-called social graph, or friends on social networks, as a network of relevant people.

For the time being, you can only register on Quora Partnering Program if you receive an invitation. To join Quora, click the link to access the signup page. You can then use your Twitter or Facebook account to log in to the site. Quora will provide you a short fill of your profile, enter your image and name, and choose a password depending on which account you log in from, and the procedure is pretty quick.

Tip 1: Create a Blog

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Let’s say you wish to share some Quora experiences or guides. Rather than developing new questions for each guide, create a blog where you can share all of the topics, better manage them, and instantly examine the statistics. You could use, for example, wordpress.com, blogspot.com, and others. At Quora, you can start a blog as a subdomain. To do so, go to your profile picture > pick Blogs > Create Blog> type in the blog name, URL, and description. You may think of getting Quora bots to manage it more easily. You can add graphic tags, an image, a link, and so on.

Tip 2: Make a Note of the Answers and Questions To Read Later

You may want to focus on a single question and read all the responses. Rather than saving these links to a website, you may bookmark them in Quora and view them whenever you like. To mark any answer, open all questions > find the solution > click the three-dot button > pick Mark; Then, in the Marked answers section of the Quore home page, the answer will be recorded. This way, you can share relevant articles to help those who asked the question.

Tip 3: Look at the Numbers

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Certain people use quora to operate business marketing for their blogs, online businesses, etc. Here’s a quick suggestion if you’re one of those people that wants to look at the statistics of talks concerning your questions, replies, postings, and so on. Select Stat from your profile image, where you may set the period, content type, and other options. Users on Quora have access to a detailed report, which you can see here.

Tip 4: Keep Up With the Relevant Issue

Quora has a “topic” section similar to tags and categories that allows users to organize all questions and identify certain frequently asked ones. Here is a guide if you wish to follow a specific topic. Using the search box, find the topic you want to follow. The Follow theme button is on the right. To begin following this topic, you must first click that button. All of the following subjects will display on the Quora homepage’s left side. It is significant since you will be able to respond to questions concerning your website’s topic almost immediately.

Tip 5: Provide Relevant URLs

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List the URL on your Blog as the source for your answer once you’ve answered the question. This one way is how you gain traffic and clicks to your Blog. Make sure you answer the question succinctly first, then provide a link to a related article with further information on the topic. It’s best not to leave a link to your website or a specific blog article, as this can appear spammy.


Anybody can ask or answer a question on Quora. Users can follow people, topics, and questions, just as on Twitter, and they can also produce a stream of pertinent questions and replies for each other. Users can also add themes to a question, summarize the response on the question page, and change any question or summary. Frequent questions and topics are consolidated to improve the material on inquiry pages rather than fragments.

Quora is only reviewed and updated by users, ensuring that the quality of questions and answers is always high. Quora claims to be working on technology to make the creation, dissemination, and consumption of massive volumes of information more accessible. The platform is more than simply another way to connect out to your audience. It also serves as a road map for what people expect from your company.

Why spend money on costly consumer studies when you can find out exactly what your customers want on Quora? Questions and responses may give you a lot of information about your clients, including how they think and what they require. Furthermore, if you’re having trouble writing and need to update your Blog, your Quora marketing plan will come in handy.

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