6 of the Best XML Sitemap Generator Tools: Index Your Website Efficiently

6 of the Best XML Sitemap Generator Tools: Index Your Website Efficiently

A sitemap is the main document that notifies search engines of what is on a web page when it comes to indexing web pages in the Google index and other search engine indexes. The sitemap.xml file contains information that tells the browser which parts of the page’s content are crucial and other useful information. Search engines like Google read this document to efficiently search and index your website.

Here are the best XML sitemap generator tools.

1. XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps

You want Google to examine all of your website’s important pages. An XML Sitemap is a tool that identifies all of the relevant pages on a website, ensuring that Google can locate and scan them all.

It also aids browsers in comprehending the structure of your website. With only one stop to the XML sitemap file, a search engine can locate all pages in a sitemap.

2. Google XML Sitemap Generator

Google XML Sitemap Generator

Search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, and others use XML Sitemaps, RSS feeds, and other methods to analyze the content of your website. Using a Google XML Sitemap Generator, you may improve the SEO and SERP of your website.

The plugin supports sitemap index files for more significant sites as well as the specific News and Image sitemap formats. It creates a complete sitemap for your entire website, including all custom articles and taxonomies, making it an excellent companion for plugins like WooCommerce, bbPress, BuddyPress, and others.

3. Sitemap Generator

Sitemap Generator

The Sitemap Generator scans your website and creates an XML sitemap for you using an external service. Because the scanner acts like a regular visitor who visits all pages of your site once, the computation costs for your website are also relatively minimal.

It’s a good idea to outsource sitemap generation to an external service like the one used by this plugin. This ensures that the speed of your website is not harmed for your visitors while the sitemap is being generated.

4. Companion Sitemap Generator

Companion Sitemap Generator

Create a sitemap that is automatically updated every hour or maybe manually updated at any time via the WordPress dashboard with Companion Sitemap Generator. It will generate both an XML and an HTML sitemap, which you can use as a shortcode or a Gutenberg block to show on your site.

You can choose to exclude individual pages/posts or whole post types from the sitemap. If your sitemap is updated, they will notify the search engines on your behalf. You are no longer required to submit them manually.

5. Rank Math SEO

Rank Math SEO

Rath Math SEO is a collection of clever functions that put top SEO skills in your palms that were previously unavailable. The plugin has a quick-loading Sitemap function that works with various post types, including custom ones, and allows for extensive customization.

A Local Sitemap KML file and a WooCommerce Sitemap can also be generated using the Locations KML filter. With only a few clicks, the sophisticated automation features give you the power of complete SEO staff.

6. SEOPress


SEOPress includes all of the tools you will need to improve the SEO of your WordPress site. You can create picture XML Sitemaps to boost Google Images search indexing and create your custom HTML Sitemap to better visitor navigation and search indexing.

No additional attachments are needed to handle redirects, schemas, or XML sitemaps. You can supply information about the length of the video, the genre, and the age range for which the video is intended using the sitemap.xml file browser.

The folder can contain photos as well as video files, with information about the type of image, the subject of the image, and the author.

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