How to Choose the Best Color Schemes for Email Marketing: Guides for Color Combination

How to Choose the Best Color Schemes for Email Marketing: Guides for Color Combination

Although the perceptual system might be somewhat subjective, some colors have effects that everyone feels. Warm tones (red, orange, and yellow) can make people feel everything from warmth and comfort to rage and hatred.

Cool tones (blue, purple, and green) can make people feel everything from tranquility to melancholy and indifference. While working on your email marketing, you need to keep those points in mind. Colors may be used in your online marketing in a variety of ways and have a wide range of meanings.

The color you choose for your email marketing should match your brand’s aesthetic. Consider the fact that color boosts brand awareness by 80%. This information can lead to significant savings on a marketing campaign that will raise consumer knowledge of your brand if you intend to advertise your website.

1. Combine Different Colors

The color wheel places analog colors next to one another, and as the name suggests, these hues are complementary to one another. Blue and green are two analogous colors, and this color combination is incredibly eye-pleasing.

A dominating color and a supporting color are both selected with this scheme. The foundation of the monochromatic color scheme is the use of various tones of the same hue. If blue is your color of choice, you can develop your email brand in many blue shades.

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The choice of colors that are completely in opposition to one another is the basis of the complementary combination. Red and green make such a combo. This produces a striking contrast that grabs the viewer’s attention. Keep this in mind while you are working on your email marketing.

2. If You Have an Offer, Choose Red

Red is a color that, according to psychologists, we cannot ignore because it makes our hearts beat faster. It is not unexpected that the word “Discounts” is most frequently displayed on a red background since it influences impulsivity.

The color red awakens emotions and is associated with pleasure and health but also creates a sense of urgency. However, you need to use this color in email marketing with caution.

Red can generate both positive and negative feelings since it symbolizes the danger that is about to happen. Therefore, if the CTA button on your email is this color and you are not getting enough clicks, you may be overusing the red color and selecting a dangerous shade.

3. Add Yellow if You Want To Grab Attention

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The sun, liveliness, and joy are what yellow is most frequently associated with. Yellow, along with red and orange, is the shade we see most frequently in-store displays during sales and discounts precisely because it can draw attention rapidly.

It should come as no surprise that fast food businesses choose the perfect shade of yellow for their branding, as email marketers frequently point out that the color yellow denotes availability, rapidity, and cost.

4. Pick a Few Colors and Use Them Consistently

Start by limiting your choice to three colors. Three neutral colors will likely be used for the background of the product label or website. It will serve as the foundation and base color, and the other will accentuate and direct the potential buyer to what is vital.

The potential customer will become confused and disoriented if email marketing has too many colors. Instead of picking the first colors that come to mind, decide on the colors you’ll employ for a longer time.


The appropriate color selection for email marketing might result in significant financial savings and business growth. But in addition to color psychology, one needs to consider color combinations, context, and the message they want to convey when selecting a hue.

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