5 Best Free WordPress CRM Plugins for 2022: Enhance Your Online Business

5 Best Free WordPress CRM Plugins for 2022: Enhance Your Online Business

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. It is a piece of software used to interact and communicate with current and potential customers. A CRM technology empowers businesses in developing relationships with customers and streamlining processes to boost profits, enhance customer service, and increase revenue.

Another thing that can improve your business is a WordPress business platform that can offer to create, manage, and sell websites – all in one place. WPMU DEV gives you everything mentioned and offers 20% off any of their plans.

A CRM system, in essence, offers a structured destination for businesses to display clientele and potential customer data, record customer feedback, and share the data with workmates. It essentially allows organizations and online businesses to increase client relationships, growing together.



With WP ERP, you can have a one-of-a-kind engaging management experience of running your business successfully with WordPress’s most dependable data storage and platform of documentation. The tool is the first complete enterprise resource planning structure that lets you manage both your WordPress website and your business from a single interface.

With this WordPress plugin, you will get your business profile, total control over activities, 44+ monetary assistance, an outline of all components, updated emails with layouts, meta tags, help from customer service, and supporting documents.

2. UpiCRM


UpiCRM generates a signup data set for contacts from all your forms, data centers, social networks, inevitably leading campaigns. It does it to internally control, transmit, monitor, gather, and preserve all leads across all references and submissions from all online sites.

Use the innovative GDPR functionalities to accumulate leads from numerous sites, transfer leads immediately to members of the team and associates, incorporate with CRM systems, the responsible department, and Google Drive. UpiCRM plugin provides improved evaluation and performance measurement capabilities. It connects the marketing channel to each lead. It implements the URL UTM labeling system, enabling you to collect, submit, and evaluate the promotional strategies you maintain, beginning with the funding in a promotional strategy.

3. WP Fusion Lite

WP Fusion Lite

WP Fusion Lite connects your WordPress visitors to initiating CRMs and brand management intelligent devices, syncs login details with CRM interaction archives, and allows you to defend the content on the website predicated on CRM metadata. When users register in WordPress, you can automatically create new contacts in your CRM.

Use tags and lists in your CRM to limit access to site content. Seamlessly integrate any WordPress customer information with CRM configuration options. When the user register, utilize labels to identify them. Import contact information as new from your CRM. WordPress users can be imported into your CRM as contact records. Use your CRM’s tracking scripts to monitor visitor activity.

4. HubSpot


HubSpot CMS is an amazing resource for entertainment web pages and marketers. It has gained recognition as a pioneer in marketing automation and social media campaign management, and it is now focusing on customer relationship management (CRM).

Regarding CRM, HubSpot’s customer relationship management platform provides business software for retailing, transactions, client assistance, content administration, and other services. HubSpot is a web CRM that can help you integrate your sales and marketing teams, encourage sales implementation, increase ROI, and maximize your incoming business model to create more quality traffic.

5. Jetpack CRM

Jetpack CRM

Jetpack CRM is intended to be simple and effective, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t adaptable. It’s fantastic as a WordPress billing plugin. This plugin can assist a WordPress customer supervisor. It unifies well with a Client Portal that allows users to browse quotes, receipts, exchanges, and documents, an online marketing device for WordPress.

It allows you to create quotations and client propositions straight in WordPress and a payment system for WordPress. Jetpack CRM can be extended to function as a payment gateway by connecting to Stripe and PayPal. A WordPress plugin will help you overcome your business financial transactions. It can be used as a WooCommerce CRM, monitoring order information and instantly synchronizing financial transactions.


CRM system can assist you in monitoring communication with customers so that you get data every time you interact, every advertising investment sent out and interacted with, and even payments formed, guaranteeing that you stick to an effective schedule. Even if you’re in real estate, there is a real estate CRM software solution for you.

These are the best free WordPress CRM plugins for your business in 2022. Choose the best one that fits your E-Commerce business and start optimizing your WordPress website.

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