5 Best Marketing Automation Tools for E-Commerce: Engage Your Audience and Improve Sale

5 Best Marketing Automation Tools for E-Commerce: Engage Your Audience and Improve Sales

Do you know how to choose the right digital marketing automation tools for e-commerce? As an entrepreneur who uses the Internet for their business, you know that the competition is fierce.

Also, you probably know that your e-commerce business needs a platform for quickly creating its website. The platform that offers that feature and much more all under one roof is WPMU DEV. Click here and get 20% off any of their plans.

Hundreds of sellers are fighting for the same buyers. On top of that, doing digital marketing requires quite a bit of work, from keyword research to customer analysis, social media marketing, and sending appropriate email campaigns.

The good side of dealing with digital marketing is that you have the technology at your disposal with the best tools and techniques for digital marketing. You can automate tasks, collect tons of valuable data, and simplify your business processes with the right tools. Not only is it an opportunity to prove how technologically ‘literate’ you are, but it also means you can save time and resources.

In other words, the tool offers us significant cost savings, the elimination of repetitive and operational tasks, automation, extensive analytics, and user tracking, and a solution to increase revenue. Here are the five best marketing automation tools you need to utilize for E-commerce.

1. Dotmailer


Dotmailer is a versatile email marketing integration service that allows you to build, optimize, check, and send emails quickly. This tool is an easy solution that helps international institutions, large SMEs, and federal agencies handle and expand their email services.

The platform is endorsed by globe corporate strategy and customer support services. It empowers you to create and send a computer-controlled email and multimedia advertisements using marketing, psychosocial, and socio-economic insights.

It is a software as a service email marketing unified platform with Magento, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, and other retail chains to establish and send efficient messages across various networks. You can use the drag-and-drop editor to create vibrant and meaningful content to engage your clients actively.

2. Bronto


The Bronto marketing platform is an e-commerce and major internet retailer marketing automation and email, mobile, and social campaign creation software. Oracle Bronto offers email marketing services, including shopping waste of material, post-purchase campaigns, and devotion programs.

It contains the capacity to create campaign charts and graphs, automate advertising, and notify on outcomes. Customers can use the platform to combine their email, messages, Twitter, and newsletter campaign management.

The system also involves an application programming interface for personalized implementations as well as basic implementations with associates such as Magento, Omniture, Google, Demandware, MarketLive, and other website traffic and e-commerce suppliers.

3. Hubspot


Hubspot is a real customer relationship management software. It is intended for detailed tracking of a small number of contacts because it can record almost every possible form of communication. The tool offers dozens of data fields that can be entered about a user and can be integrated into Outlook and Gmail to track the communication of multiple employees with a single client.

They also offer several tools to facilitate and unify all business processes. By implementing Hubspot, you will get a unified sales and marketing tool that will record the behavior of users of the website and, based on previously set parameters, serve him communication tailored exactly for you. That means that the system will process every contact, take care to remind it of the brand, provide it with useful information and interest it in the purchase until you have completely forgotten about it and started locking some other things.

4. SharpSpring


SharpSpring, an effective contact company, is a revenue and profit marketing device that assists businesses in generating leads, increasing conversions to revenues, and increasing results on the investment made. Marketing automation focuses on software systems that help businesses automate their advertising interaction operations to build up more lead generation, transform those traffic into customers, and achieve maximum ROI.

Email marketing is most efficient when it assists in relocating contacts through the incoming sales funnel. SharpSpring is a rather decent software. It has one of the best user interface designs for developing automated advertisements, making it easier to use and entertaining. Their Perfect Audience function allows you to create advertisements, identify your publics, establish promotional activities, pick pricing, and eventually release advertising throughout various websites, all from a unified platform.

5. Exponea


Exponea is an internet market research platform specially designed for high and medium-sized businesses in various businesses. The tool provides email campaigns as well as tools, data analysis, and documents. Users can use Exponea to send out standard, stimulated, and one-time newsletters. You can find customers, view the database of your customers, and display the information of a single customer and collections. It saves your data in a table with a key value for each item. Vouchers, asset managers, tag managers, data managers, metrics, and imports are also available with this platform.


Whatever your goals may be, these five proven, powerful marketing tools for your E-commerce are going to help you take your business to the next level.

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