How to Write a Product Description That Wows Your Customers [Tips and Recomendations]

How to Write a Product Description That Wows Your Customers [Tips and Recomendations]

Before someone tries to sell us some product, our initial response is always something along the lines, “What is it, what does it do?” We always tend to ask for more information before making the purchase, as we should! And, nothing is different when it comes to the online world with eCommerce. The one thing that will provide answers to your customers in the online world is product descriptions. They will give them all the necessary details for that specific item to decide based on that.

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A robust product description can be a game-changer in the online world. If you know what to do and how to present it, they will turn visitors into customers in no time!

These little text snippets in the right hands can be a powerful tool because they have a special place in the digital world, especially in shopping. They are the last push that a person needs before doing a checkout. So, without further ado, let’s jump in and see how you can convert these visitors to be your long-time customer!

1. Know Your Audience

High Angle of Piece of Paper With Target Audience

Before you even attempt to write a product description, it is crucial to know your target audience and their problems and need to be solved. The descriptions you provide need to appeal to their interests and answer their questions to know that that product will give them the solution they need.

But, how do you get to know the audience is the question? It is simple, and you need to perform in-depth audience research. And you can do that with some cool methods like:

  • Social media monitoring: It is pretty easy. You have to look at your followers to see what interests them the most. But it is also advisable to look at competitors’ followers and their needs as well.
  • Google Analytics/site reports: This can also be useful in checking your site analytics for trends in visitors, their locations, and the demographic.
  • Customer surveys: When it comes to surveys or even interviews, they do not have to be anything extraordinary. It is only necessary to talk to your audience periodically.
  • Competitive analysis: With these, you can research your competitors in your niche and how they position themselves in the market and see what similarities in customers you have.
  • Audience research tools: A few hidden gems in the plugin world can give you fantastic information in a broader specter of audiences and their interests.

2. AI Generated Descriptions With a Bit of Style

We all know that AI can generate a description for you, and it will save you tons of time, but you should not rely 100% on them! An excellent description for your product should have style, brand tone, and priorities. And that can only be done by a person! They tend to be without style and dull.

Please don’t go the route of people that let the computer generate a text for them and call it a day. You can use them to use the text they provide you as an idea or a starting point! Meaning, you can take the things that you like from it and the concept and modify them to fit your image! People tend more to relate to pieces of text that have a human touch and bits of a human in them than from a computer.

3. Keep It Simple

While trying to give your audience an excellent description, we often tend to forget the primary purpose, and that’s the description of the product. You need to provide information that will encourage your visitors to buy the product.

Woman Holding Credit Card in Front of Laptop With Shopping Website

If you have a product in different color variations, it is advisable to customize each description to its picture. To do so, you need to provide them with information on how your product looks and how it works. Please do not go the route of copy and pasting the same description on all of them. Imagine looking at a picture of a black hat and reading that it is red in the description. People can be easily be confused.

Also, do not forget to include how your product works. If it is something that needs to be explained, think of your customers, and also provide that kind of information. It is also essential to include details that are maybe not shown in the video or photo.

4. Include Benefits

While describing your product, you should add benefits from it. That’s also a selling point to some customers. Always when telling something, ask yourself, “What about that?” “How can I benefit from that.”

They usually want to know how they can benefit from something. And especially if you have something that your product can do but the one from your competitors can’t! You are putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and providing answers before they can even ask the question.

Final Words

To end this informative but short article, we must say that every detail in the online retail world matters, especially if you want to convert visitors into customers and keep those purchase orders coming.

Product descriptions are essential to give to your audience. They provide helpful information and answers to their questions and are practically a selling point to some people.

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