4 Best Call-to-action Plugins for WordPress: Guide Users to Take Action on Your Website

6 Best Call-to-action Plugins for WordPress: Guide Users to Take Action on Your Website

Websites are crucial tools for businesses to promote their material or build trust with their clients and customers. Customers often buy specific products or sign up for an email list to receive newsletters. To ensure customers do something specific, you can add a call-to-action, or shortly known as the CTA button. CTA is any element on your site that helps your viewers or customers take specific action for you to boost your revenue and increase conversions. Here is a list of the five best plugins that can help you create CTAs.

1. Thrive LeadsThrive Leads

Thrive Leads is still one of the most impressive email lead generation plugins. The plugin is a part of Thrive Suite, and it contains a variety of CTA features:

  • ThriveBox
  • Sticky Notification Bar
  • In-Line Forms
  • 2- Step Opt-In Form
  • Slide-Ins
  • Opt-In Widget
  • Fullscreen Popup
  • Content Locker
  • Scroll Mats
  • Multiple Choice Forms and Yes/No Forms

Although Thrive Leads is generally used as an email list builder, it can also be used in various promotions, like driving sales to a specific page. With the help of the pre-build templates, you can customize your design in a matter of minutes. Also, if you are not satisfied with the given templates, you can always build your CTA from scratch.

The simplicity and accessibility of its interface are a guarantee for a super simple way to build opt-in forms on your desired WordPress site.

Price: 19 $ / month

2. Convert ProConvert Pro

Convert Pro is yet another example of an easy and effective WordPress plugin from the developers of the Astra Theme. Like Thrive Leads, it offers various CTA forms (popups, in-line forms, email forms…), all accessible in their cloud library filled with professional templates. There are many similarities to Thrive Leads when it comes to CTA forms, but there is one thing where Convert Pro exceeds Thrive Leads, and that is in the area of audience targeting and trigger action. You can get access to various options such as:

3. Elementor ProElementor Pro

When it comes to design flexibility, Elementor Pro is at the top of this list. Elementor Pro is a premium version of a visual page builder plugin. One of the ways you can generate more leads or traffic is by using its design elements called Elementor widgets. That way, you can create:

  • Subscription forms so visitors can subscribe to get your newsletters
  • Social icons and share buttons for visitors to interact with
  • CTA widget for interactive boxes with animations
  • Sticky header or footer for fixated messages uninterrupted by scrolling
  • Countdown timer widget for something urgent

Elementor Popup Builder is one of its most vital features. This design-oriented builder lets you customize and design popups, Fly-ins, Intro Bars, Bottom Bars, banners, etc.

Price: 49 $ / year for 1 Pro Website

4. Thrive UltimatumThrive Ultimatum

From Thrive Themes comes yet another premium plugin called Thrive Ultimatum. Thrive Ultimatum applies urgency as its most crucial marketing principle, so for instance, you can make an offer on your page available for a limited amount of time. Creating an offer with a time constraint will boost your conversions. You can achieve a boost with a lot of features mentioned below:

  • Pre-built professional templates
  • Visual editor with an easy layout
  • Campaigns: Fixed Date / Recurring /Multi-Page
  • Countdown Timers
  • Multiple Triggers
  • Designs for mobile layout

The plugin is easy to use and efficient, with built-in countdown timers for creating a sense of urgency so you can boost your traffic. Also, there is no need to redirect the page after the countdown. It will automatically do it for you.

Price: 19 $ / Month

5. Popup Anything

WordPress Popup Plugin

Popup Anything enables you to engage with and convert more people to your website into subscribers, leads, followers, and customers. With this plugin from Essential Plugin, you can create a lightbox popup, floating bars, scroll boxes, page targeting, existing intent detection, and custom link.

This WordPress Popup Plugin enables you to integrate an eye-catching popup in your website builder by allowing you to choose from nine distinct placements and seven various effects.
Here are the key benefits of using Popup Anything by Essential Plugin:

  • A record is kept of all clicks performed by the user
  • A straightforward and intuitive user interface
  • Opt-in forms using Popup Anything on Click include various design options that may be customized
  • 50000 Active installs, which shows the capabilities of this plugin
  • When you click on a link, an image, or a button, a popup window containing anything you desire will appear
  • Subscription forms may be shown in several efficient popups to maximize efficiency

6. Qi Addons for Elementor

Qi Addons for Elementor is a collection of widgets you can use to expand on the native capabilities of one of WordPress’ most popular page editors, Elementor. One of the widgets included in the bundle – even its version, too – is Call to Action. The widget lets you easily create a beautiful call to action complete with a customizable background and the button style of your choosing.

The plugin has plenty of other widgets you can use in conjunction with the call to action, including:

  • Five different form widgets
  • Interactive banners
  • Various showcases and sliders

When you need your website visitors to take action, Qi Addons will give you plenty of options to nudge them in the right direction.

Price: Free / $69 per year


If you want to make more conversions on your website or boost your revenue, you need to encourage visitors to take action. The mentioned can be achieved with a call-to-action perfectly placed on your site. With the help of WordPress call-to-action plugins, you can place visually stunning CTAs and monitor your conversions using built-in analytics.

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