WooCommerce Free Plugin Download

Woocommerce is an EXCELLENT e-commerce platform and does a lot of things, really well. But it doesn’t do everything that everybody needs. In instances where you find it falls short you can always look for a plugin.

One of these areas is shipping. Stores have a ton of different – and sometimes crazy! –  ways they charge for shipping and for these stroes the bulitin Woocommerce shipping just doesn’t work.

Here is an example of an amazing free plugin that can power your woocommerce shipping needs – it provides table rate shipping.

Table rates is  just a fancy way of saying you can have a table of a shipping rates, and depending on what is in the cart you pick the appropriate rate.

Watch the video below – I go through setting up a simple set of table rates that would work for a LOT of stores out there.

You can get the free version over at WordPress – click here

We also have a PRO version if you need a few more bells & whistles! You can see more information about the pro version by clicking here

Don’t forget if you want to check out the PRO version – click here


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