The Best iPhone Apps for Ecommerce: 5 Apps for Easy Tracking Your Online Business

The Best iPhone Apps for Ecommerce: 5 Apps for Easy Tracking Your Online Business

We are all aware of the fact that online shopping is becoming more popular as the days go by. These days, people rather take their mobile phones or laptops and search for the item they need than go to the shopping malls.

The main benefit of eCommerce is not only the ability to shop from the comfort of one’s home but also stuff like the wider offer, different price ranges, and payment options. Therefore, every owner of an online store should pay a lot of attention to the details and try to make his job of running such a store as easiest as possible.

Tracking your online business by using your mobile phone and being alerted all the time while you are running errands sounds really compelling. To make it all easier for you, we have created a list of the best iPhone apps that will assist you in your everyday obligations concerning your online store. With such apps, you can track the profit, edit the online store, drive additional revenue, deal with marketing, and so much more.

1. Board: Business Budget Tracker

Board: Business Budget Tracker

Since every owner of a smaller business needs to keep track of the expenses and revenues, Board is always a perfect choice. Board is imagined as a business budget tracker which provides you with a financial dashboard that you can check 24/7 and see your profit.

It is extremely practical because it does all the work and calculations you used to do on spreadsheets by automation, offers complete safety of the data, and is totally flexible. Whether you need to control your cash flow, profit, or the growth of your business, Board is here for you.

It will also provide you with budget estimates and accurate data about all bank accounts connected to your online store. The best thing is that you can adjust it according to your needs and interests for better performance and efficiency.

Download it here.

2. Sales Tracking

Sales Tracking

Besides tracking your profit and having insights into your bank account every minute of the day, it is also important to organize the data of your customers and orders. This app is perfect for smaller businesses, and it was made for every entrepreneur or owner of an online store who deals with sales and has a smaller number of customers.

With this app, you will be able to see all your sales instantly and connect it to your customer and the product that was bought. A big plus for this app also lies in tracking your expenses and making reports about the highest-selling product this year, top customers, and other useful stuff. Download it here.

3. Keap: Business Line & CRM

Keap: Business Line & CRM

It is crucial for your business that you, as an owner, are available for your customers and partners if they need to call you. Keap is the most efficient app that creates a virtual number for your business line and connects it directly to your personal number.

In other words, when your client dials a virtual number, you will see that the call you are receiving is for business purposes, but in other scenarios, when someone’s intention was to call you on your private number, you will see that, as well. With a business line, you will seem more trustworthy and professional without even making any effort.

Download it here.

4. Fishbowl: Professional Network

Fishbowl: Professional Network

Fishbowl is another amazing app if you want to grow within your industry and gain more experience from other professionals and colleagues who share similar goals with you. This app offers more than 10 000 professional communities consisting of numerous professionals who like to chat, share their experiences, and give advice about their work.

You can be a part of various groups or listen to live audio events. Having conversations with fellow colleagues, exchanging advice, and being part of a professional community has never been easier.

Download it here.

5. Helium 10 – Amazon Seller App

Helium 10 - Amazon Seller App

If you are an Amazon seller, do not look any further. This app is all you need. With Helium 10, you will be able to manage your whole business on Amazon, including analyzing your sales and profit.

Also, you will get an overview of your performance and your products, find products to sell, track your sales and conversion rate, keep track of your orders, and get notifications about any suspicious activity.

Download it here.


Now that you have seen what these amazing apps can offer you and your online store, you know that you should not waste any time and start using them.

From keeping your data organized and tracking sales and profit to connecting your phone lines, there is nothing you can’t do with these eCommerce apps. They will save you a lot of time and ask for only a minimum of your effort – downloading the apps on your iPhone.

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