Superstar Celebrity Homes That Have Gone Super Solar

Superstar Celebrity Homes That Have Gone Super Solar

Did you know that according to Sun Badger, around 92.7 billion solar panels are used around the world? Among those who use solar, you may be wondering which celebrities use solar panels?

Many celebrities have made the switch to solar to make a positive environmental impact. Since solar panels are also pricey, it’s much easier for celebrities to have solar-powered homes.

Ready to learn if your favorite celebrity has made a choice to go green?

Keep reading to learn about the superstar celebrity homes that are solar-powered.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is one of the many celebrities utilizing solar power. In 2004, Johnny Depp bought a private island in the Bahamas worth 5 million dollars.

Recently, Johnny Depp’s island has been converted into complete solar technology. It’s also hydro-fueled. He has also spoken out about climate change and the importance of eco-friendly practices.

Julia Roberts

Located in Malibu and with over 6,000 acres of land is Julia Robert’s 20 million dollar solar-powered celebrity mansion. Not only is Julia Roberts actively making a difference in the environment, her mansion is also filled with beautiful, green gardens and greenhouses.

While her mansion is certainly pricy based on its many features, solar savings are available for most people who wish to install solar.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Did you know that Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most famously noted environmental activists? In fact, he even works on the board of several environmental organizations in an effort to fight climate change.

Different People Joining a Global Warming Protest

Leonardo DiCaprio uses the health and wellness real estate company called Delos Living. This provides his house with an abundance of eco-friendly features such as air purification, vitamin C showers, and solar panels.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Actress and comedian Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her husband Brad Hall have a solar-powered house located in Montecito, California. Like DiCaprio, Dreyfus has also served as an activist for several environmental organizations.

Not only does the couple have a solar-powered mansion, but their home also features solar water heating, natural insulation from recycled newspapers, and other eco-friendly features.

Brad Pitt

Actor Brad Pitt doesn’t only have his own solar-powered home. He also has contributed to providing others with solar panel homes. In 2007, Brad Pitt founded the Make it Right Foundation in response to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

This resulted in spending 26.8 million dollars on building 109 homes for the people in New Orleans affected by Hurricane Katrina. All of these homes came with solar panels and an eco-friendly heating and cooling system.

Solar Powered Celebrity Homes

Aerial View of Private Houses With Solar Panels on the Roofs

Those were a few examples of solar-powered celebrity homes. However, the list goes on as more and more people are actively trying to make a difference in helping the environment.

Be like your favorite celeb today and install solar panels on your home today! If you enjoyed this post, be sure to read the rest of our blog for more content like this.

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