How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Beginners in 7 Steps [Tips and Tricks]

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Beginners in 7 Steps [Tips and Tricks]

Digital marketing strategy is one of the most important future investments one company can have in mind! That strategy implies a personal website to communicate with clients, SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, etc.

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The majority of great companies widely use it because it is known that a great percent of potential clients firstly do the internet search of the specific company before getting into touch with them. That’s how important it is to have a strong brand identity mixed with digital marketing, and that is one important factor for newly created companies or startups.

Here we are to present you with seven steps for creating a good strategy if you are beginning with your journey in the world of companies.

1. Planning in Advance

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Every successful business must have a long-term plan for coping with the difficulties at the very beginning of its creation. This is learned in universities or in sources with business homework help. Before you swim into the water of companies, you should inspect every part of the market and what potential customers need or what is deeply needed in the place where you want to start.

WP Dev Shed claims that having a goal is important for starters, but those goals can quickly become a reality with a good digital marketing strategy.

2. Social Media Presence

Everyone today has profiles on at least a couple of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. This is why we should focus mainly on these platforms and create an identity here.

Social Media Marketing means that a company uses its social media pages to promote its business, products, services, discounts, and communicate with followers and potential/current consumers and customers.

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Reports say that more than 3 billion people actively use social media daily. How can we promote and grow our business by paying ads to reach more people? Which is the most used tool for promoting products or services? What is great about promoting creating ads on social media is it allows you to target specific audiences filtering them by age, interests, jobs, etc.

Engagement with customers is also an important thing to do. Studies have shown that communicating with followers and answering their questions radically increases a business’ organic reach. It is vital to have a good marketing team managing these profiles to upload news and what’s happening in the company daily to have the best results.

According to Buffer, there are five crucial segments a company must fulfill to have success on social media:

  • Strategy – means the team must decide the company goals, what they want to achieve, and what type of content they will upload and share.
  • Publishing time – when you post is also important if you want to reach many people. The team should research to see when the people are the most active to reach them effectively. The solution for that problem is auto posters to schedule your posts to a specific time.
  • Engagement – Research and strategy to get information about what the people like and love so you can adjust your posts for maximum success.
  • Analytics – One of the most important things when it comes to running social media pages is to track analytic data to see how well customers accept your page.
  • Ads – A great way to target particular categories of clients with your business and products.

3. Partnerships

With content sharing platforms expanding day in, day out, there are many people with a significant number of followers who are potential promoters of your business. That part of the marketing strategy has a great outcome.

To be more explicit, famous bloggers, influencers, athletes, singers, etc., have thousands and even millions of followers you can reach by partnering with them. That implies, for example, paying them in money and/or sending them your specific product for free so they can use it while sharing it on their social media profiles. This kind of promotion has blown up in recent years, and it is becoming a more and more powerful ‘tool’ of reaching out to new customers.

Imagine that instead of spending money on virtual ads or real-life banners and promo material that requires time, you spend money or goods on one specific person who will recommend your company/product to thousands and even millions of audiences. Your brand is getting approved with people, and your social media stats are rapidly increasing, sales boost, etc. These people bring you more followers. It would help if you wisely chose with whom you will make a partnership.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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SEO is a great way to promote your own goods and products. It means you need to make sure your website is appearing on the top of users’ searches on Google. It is proven that everyone hit the first three links in the search results, so it is imperative to stand out and secure those three places at the top.

For example, when the customer wants to buy a new jacket, your SEO team needs to optimize your website to appear on the top of customers’ searches. That way, the chance of the client buying from you is increasing drastically. That’s why you need educated and competent people in your team for this complex yet effective way to gain your customers.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most ‘humanly,’ if you will, ways to reach your existing customers as well as potential ones. It is one of the marketing ways to get your clients through the mailing list and present their new products, discounts, special offers, and generally to stay in touch with them, so they have you in their minds.

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It is a powerful marketing tool because it is personalized – reaching the customer individually. This way of promoting is excellent for building relationships with the clients and customers engaging with them. What is specific with this tool is psychology! When the client receives an email from your company, it will appear highlighted in their inbox to the exact moment when they click on it. That is where the effectiveness lie.

Email marketing isn’t limited to existing customers, though. By offering freebies in return for filling in a newsletter signup form, for instance, you get direct inbox access to interested visitors. This gives you a chance to convert them long after they’ve left your website.

6. Mobile Phone Marketing

Mobiles have become our everyday need with whom we hang out all the time during the day. Phones today are a big field for marketers and promoting in different ways to reach a large audience via smartphones.

We should adapt our websites for undisturbed use on phones so the clients can feel natural when they visit us. Other ways of targeting people via mobile phones are sending promo SMS messages or even creating smartphone app.

With this kind of technology evolving every day, marketing must cope with it and follow the changes to stay competitive in the marketing game. That means if one company wants to have a successful promotion on mobile phones, they should keep an eye if their website is mobile-friendly, to create mobile-friendly ads and pages, apps, etc.

7. Great Customers Service

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Whether your field of action is sales, digital agencies, insurance agencies, or IT, you need a good team of customers service support! You have surely heard the phrase “Customer is always right” because it is like that. We are here for the customers, and we must fulfill their desires and needs no matter what. The customer’s opinion can see how much one company is successful.

Outstanding service can be matched by excellent customer service before we set things up. We need to have responsive, talkative, and patient. We need to find answers to some questions like:

  • How quickly will the team respond to the customers’ needs?
  • Team’s behavior when they get in touch with the people?
  • How will they cope with the people’s manners?
  • Finding solutions

Live chat support and call support are the best types of responsive and more accessible support on the market. But in specific fields like IT solutions, this should be done over email for many reasons. Besides live chat, call support, or emails, there are forums and social media where companies can have effective conversations and problem solutions for the very best for both sides.


Today is never easier to reach and have a good relationship with your customers through various tools. We have mentioned above some of the best there we believe will help you start your business and become prominent in many competitions.

You need to have a goal and do detailed research with your team on what is best for you. The tools we wrote about will just execute your ideas.

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