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Exporting Product Meta Data


The plugin allows you to access a lot of important Product data easily & efficiently

Exporting Attributes

There are a couple of types of attributes/custom fields that you can add to products in WooCommerce. The plugin will allow you to get access to them.

Global Attributes

Global Attributes are the product attributes that are defined using the “Attributes” section under the WooCommerce Products Menu

You can define attributes that are available to all and every product. For example here are some defined attributes

Global attributes are immediately available to Product export in the field list – simply select them and they will be exported

Custom Fields

Sometimes fields are just added to individual products – see screenshot

Custom Product Attribute

In this case a field called “custom-field” has been added.

You can see the field in the Meta Viewer

Custom Field

Simply enter the name of the field – in this case custom-field – and the data will be included with your export.

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