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Exporting WooCommerce Order Meta Data


The plugin provides some exciting features allowing you to get access to various pieces of data related to orders.

We provide access to 3 specific data types for an order:

  1. Order Meta Data
  2. Product Meta Data
  3. Line Item Meta Data

Order Meta Data

Order Meta Data is information that WooCommerce or other plugins store about the actual order. For example the Shipping Address – it is at the order level.

Product Meta Data

Product Meta Data is information about the individual products that make up an order such as attributes, custom fields etc

Line Item Meta Data

This is the information pertaining to an individual line item. It includes things such as taxes etc
Each one of these different data types can have extra data added by plugins. By using the meta view to look at orders and products you can discover if there is any other information you are looking for.

Once you have viewed your order in the Meta data viewer it is simple to add the data you want to your export. Let’s look at an example

Order Meta

In the example above we have highlighted two fields:

  1. A regular piece of data from the order “_payment_method” – note the leading underscore
  2. A line item piece of data “_qty”

To extract them you would enter the following into the Order export screen

Meta Data

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