5 Best WordPress Themes for Educational Sites: Make a Simple and Easy-to-use Website for Your Students

If you are engaged in a job in education, you must have a website that will provide all the necessary information to students, pupils and parents. The WordPress platform is currently the best platform that offers numerous topics for educational institutions when designing websites. It would be best to automate daily activities and optimize your work schedule to reduce the additional cost of hiring labor.

The website is the first thing that students will look at before choosing an educational institution. It should be a perfect representation of your institution, with all vital information such as enrollment conditions, enrolment process, subjects, department, and teaching staff all in one location.

When creating an educational website, you need to pay attention to a few elements. You must have a very professional theme, with harmonious colors and fonts, adapted to all screen sizes, including mobile devices, visibility among the first choice when searching on search engines, access to an online application form on your website. Would have access to the necessary materials, results, and the like.

Because selecting an educational institution can be a difficult task, you should provide a contact form so that parents and students can learn more about your school. You can have all this and many other options if you choose a suitable theme for your website. This way, we present you with some of the best, and you can read more about what they offer below.

1. Divi


The first theme worth mentioning is the WordPress theme called Divi. It offers several pre-built templates with which you can create a school or similar websites. It comes with a built-in editor that allows you to customize your material’s look on the page completely.

Some of the features of this theme are visual effects, the possibility of group editing, text editing, undo options, and CSS control. This extremely versatile theme comes with some ready-to-use packages with which you can create stunning designs.

2. Astra


One of the most popular WordPress themes you can use to create any website is Astra. This elementary and customizable theme comes with several pre-created templates that you can use for your educational institution, be it a kindergarten, college, music school, academy, or the like.

This theme has versatility, fantastic startup speed, integration with other programs, SEO optimization, and endless color and typography customization choices. It is possible to change the page by adding images, videos, other media, adjusting fonts, and more without using codes. Because this topic is compatible with the WooCommerce platform, special attention should be paid to institutions that use it.

3. Education Pack

Education Pack

If you need a powerful WordPress theme to create an educational website, the Education Pack is the right choice. This theme is rich in many features, which offer you a different range of options. You can create a website for college, university, school, or selling courses.

Its custom frame has an option called Visual Composer, with which you can make additional page customizations without writing any codes. It offers nine pre-created templates that allow quick activation. Ease of use, functionality, and flexibility are just some of the benefits you get from implementing this theme.

4. Skilled


Another excellent WordPress theme is called Skilled. No matter which educational institution it is, if you want to create a professional website with a distinctive look, Skilled will provide it for you. Its minimalist look, stocked with a host of features, offers a variety of options.

The theme is suitable for all users and those who wish to sell online courses via their websites. It contains support for WooCommerce plugins, so it can very quickly turn your webs page into an online store. You can create profiles of teachers, users, and you can manage classes, add questions, quizzes, events, and many other activities.

5. Academica Pro 3.0

Academica Pro 3.0

For the end of today’s modest list, we will present no less critical topic is Academica Pro 3.0. From the name itself, we can assume that this is an educational topic that comes with customizing each element of the page. It was created to bridge the gap between simplicity and comprehensiveness of different functions, all in one place. It comes with an image slider that looks equally good when accessed from any device or screen.

The theme is designed using HTML5 and CSS3 code to adapt SEO to high performance. That further tells us that additional SEO optimization options for your site are also available. Only one design layout is functional, but within this option, you can choose from various menu options, page layouts, and posts, to suit your needs.


This way, we came to the end of today’s article. All of the above WordPress themes offer many benefits and custom designs for creating your educational websites.

Most themes are available with a demo installation which further simplifies the whole process. Remember that a professional, customizable, and easily accessible website opens the door to new students, and this is precisely the reason why you need to decide on the process of creating a website for your educational institution. If you haven’t done so already, now is the moment!

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